November 2015
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About us

We listen carefully, plan thoughtfully, and deliver inspiring designs.


The first step in the design process is meeting in-person at your home or project site to get to know each other and discuss the project in very general terms. A large-scale renovation or custom build can be lengthy, and we want you to be comfortable with who we are, how we work, and feel completely at ease that your project will be led by the right team. The most successful, exciting design will be a dynamic collaboration between you and us, where you feel safe to trust our design suggestions and explore your own.

Planning & Design

We overview the site and any existing plans and drawings, discuss budget, timelines and the construction schedule with you. Based on your needs, we will propose a workable solution and design fees that cover the scope of work. As we develop a comprehensive design for the space, we will present and discuss preliminary layouts, elevations, materials and finishes with you. Detailed drawings and specification documents will be prepared once layouts, materials and finishes have been finalized. A list of the types of documents we provide is available in the FAQ section.

Construction & Post-Construction

We explain the decision-making rationale for our design choices, giving you the background needed to make confident design decisions on your own after our involvement in the project ends (allowing the design to evolve seamlessly over time). We conduct regular site visits and consult with trades involved in the project throughout the construction phase to ensure that the design plan is followed accurately. We oversee ordering and delivery of materials, and coordinate the installation of finishing elements such as furnishings, artwork and staging. We provide home stocking for those who want to move in without lifting a hand.


Every project is unique and the interior design services you need will depend on the scope of the project and how much involvement you want us to have. You may want to leave every aspect of the design and project management in our hands, or team with other allied professionals like architects and contractors for some services.


·      Space planning and assessing project feasibility

·      Interior design consultations

·      Establishing and assessing budgets

·      Collaborating with architects and developers before and during construction

·      Presenting initial design concept drawings

·      Developing comprehensive interior design packages

·      Preparing interior design and millwork drawings

·      Producing construction drawings

·      Preparing specification documents for materials and finishes

·      3D renderings and computer walkthroughs

·      Designing custom furniture and finishes

·      Selecting and purchasing furnishings, accessories and artwork

·      Colour consultations

·      Staging and stocking completed homes for move-in or sale

·      Accompanying clients to pre-sale viewings of prospective homes


Design Team

Uncovering what you really want your space to look and feel like takes careful listening on our part. The design team at Red Plum Design is led by Shelley Coe, who is passionate about great design and exceptionally skilled at asking the questions that get to the essence of what you want your space to end up looking and feeling like. Our entire team is focussed on staying true to the design that uniquely represents each client, not limited by our personal design preferences.   We work with trusted professionals who share our commitment to quality to bring your design and the story it tells to life.

Please contact us!

The interior design services we provide depends on the scope of the project and the needs of each client. We offer services that cover all aspects of design and project management. To discuss your next project, please contact us.